About Us


As Jibau Consultancy Corporation, we operate as a direct representative of 60 large-scale factories producing in the field of medical protective products. Within these factories, there are facilities that produce medical and disposable masks, medical coveralls, medical gowns, washable medical coveralls and gowns fabric, bones, disinfectants and mask nose bridge wires.


These companies have been reaching through foreign buyers in the past by brokers and traders. However, manufacturers had serious difficulties with these connections. The very high brokerage commissions and profits added to the current prices increased the costs for the buyers. In addition, the communication disruptions prevented the processes in the purchasing agreements to proceed in a healthy way.


We have been providing international trade consultancy and export services in the field of textiles and home textiles for many years. We decided to represent these companies abroad in line with the demands from the production facilities we represent. Our service is to bring only the right buyers together with the right manufacturers. We organize the agreements between them. We manage the initial needs such as product introduction, sending samples, and directing buyers to factories of the right size. We have no requests from buyers. We endeavor to direct only real and scale buyers to our production facilities.